RRF & Development Investments

RRF & Development Investments

CPA has extensive experience and a vertically integrated team that includes all specialties, in order to carry out even the most demanding investment project. Our executives are Certified Independent Auditors in Development Investment Programs, which is why ​our company won an Award at the Accounting Awards 2022 for the category​ “Successful Audits of Investment Plans of Development Laws”!​ We succeed not only in disbursing grants for businesses, but also in giving them a real chance to survive and modernize.​ We operate as a technical investment project expert and we cover the entire range of consulting services.

We specialize in preparing files for receiving Corporate Financing through Financial Institutions. We operate comprehensively and quickly in the development and implementation of business plans. We certify and evaluate validly:

  • The completeness of your deposit file with all supporting documents 
  • The compatibility of your plan with the investment categories and the viability clause defined by the Recovery Fund
  • The inclusion of the climate change and digital transition objectives in order to meet the relevant criteria
  • Your investment’s compliance with the No Harm Principle
  • The possible conflict in case of existing state subsidiaries and the relevant interest rates 

We approach every corporate case, based on the following pillars:

  • High consulting service
  • Undertaking the drafting of investment files and banking negotiations
  • Evidence-based analysis and feasibility study
  • Full technical and strategic planning of your case at every stage
  • Avoiding omissions and mistakes
  • Management of the entire range of bank loans by our experienced executives

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