CPA and MPDO: a partnership that can contribute to the development of the Greek economy

Great partnerships yield great results. Especially in the ever-evolving financial sector, it is crucial to collaborate with companies that excel in the field. Through their specialized services, these companies achieve comprehensive support for their clients.

CPA, the Certified Public Accountants and Consultants firm (, and MPDO, a consultancy firm specializing in financial and operational restructuring (, join forces to create an integrated proposition. This proposition ensures the utmost provision of personalized solutions, support tools, and strategies, facilitating smooth operation and growth for businesses.

This dynamic collaboration initiates the establishment of a partner network in Greece and abroad. With a focus on service innovation, it guarantees timely and effective fulfilment of each client’s needs, providing absolute support for their daily or exceptional requirements. This strategic move aligns with CPA’s expansion policy, aiming to establish new service points, while MPDO creates a communication channel with the business world in the wider region of Western Greece, expanding its services nationwide.

The alliance of these two reputable firms materializes through a team of experienced professionals who offer audit, accounting, tax, and financial advisory services. Their profound knowledge of both international and domestic economic environments enables them to cater to the needs of large corporate groups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

The services provided through the joint synergy of CPA and MPDO are cutting-edge and vital for the sustainability and growth of businesses in today’s market environment. These services include:

  • Drafting, advising on, and evaluating investment plans in conjunction with the Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF).
  • Seeking private financing and facilitating banking intermediation for new funding.
  • Financial advisory for debt management.
  • Certified audits of investment projects under Development Laws.
  • Expertise in acquisitions, mergers, conversions, due diligence, evaluation, sustainability studies, and corporate tax planning.
  • Business restructuring for investment purposes and inheritance transfers, within the framework of new tax incentives.
  • Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services.
  • Independent audits on regular and tax-related matters, following International Auditing Standards.

Through a relationship of absolute trust, clients served by the professionals of CPA and MPDO enjoy the highest quality of services, along with personalized care for their specific needs. This strategic collaboration aims to contribute to business strengthening and, ultimately, the overall economic recovery in Greece.