Accounting, Tax & Payroll

Accounting, Tax & Payroll

Businesses face a difficult environment in which they must to respond with speed, flexibility and integrity within the frameworks be sets by relevant legislation.  The changing environment increases the complexity of tax as well accounting rules, so the challenges and requirements are everyday. CPA has created a reliable team of accounting and tax consultants, where through their many years of experience, they provide specialized services, so that each entity displays the right overall accounting, tax and business picture in order to be able to meet the challenges of the future. Also, the legislative framework for payroll and employment issues is quite complex and the frequency of changes is constant. The assignment of the payroll processing and operation must be prepared by qualified personnel. Our HR staff, has many years of experience in labor law and with their constant training, it remains updated to the current legislation.

“Be proactive, identify and prevent potential problems”, is the basic principle for CPA, combined with the moto “Help yourself today… Win your future tomorrow”! 

Our services: 

  • Monthly bookkeeping on a tax and accounting basis
  • Monitoring and compliance with MyData transactions
  • Monitoring and supervision of accounting/financial departments
  • Implementation of Conventions to avoid double taxation
  • Initial set up of companies and organization of accounting systems
  • Consulting services for conversion to IFRS or Greek GAAP
  • International tax planning
  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing file
  • Taxation of persons
  • Procedures and actions required at the General Commercial Registry
  • Reporting to Bank of Greece on Financial Statements
  • Statements of Actual/Ultimate Beneficiaries Owners
  • Preparation of Interim and annual financial statements
  • Preventive tax Audit
  • Submission of all tax liabilities (Income Tax Statement, E9, etc.)
  • Support for tax audits and special issues of tax items
  • Appeals
  • Monthly Payroll  & File Management
  • Preparation of payroll and insurance fund payment records
  • Submission of APDs, Labour Inspection Statements and OAED Forms
  • Support for labour legislation and Labour Inspectorate
  • Payroll and cost management evaluation
  • Completion of all obligations imposed by the current legislation
  • Preparation of the annual summary declaration of payroll tax
  • Consulting and technical Support in Social security inspections
  • Consultancy services on labor and employment issues

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