Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

Our goal is a satisfied customer, so we provide high quality services, in association of our high experienced financial scientists, that’s why we propose the most flexible solutions throughout our audit process. Within the framework of the audit, our main concern is the successful result. So, we have a working team composed of executives characterized by integrity, transparency, independence, who have a wide and deep range of knowledge and given the support of our company’s Expert Auditors, can easily respond to every challenge. Our customers can always rely on us!

Our provided services are vary, depending on the exceptional audit data forms needed:

  • We decode the needs of the audited entities and ensure proper cooperation during audits
  • According to the kind of audit, we schedule the proper plan, we seek the cooperation of the management team, to tailor the most appropriate audit procedures for the entity
  • We identify risk areas and define the necessary procedures
  • By dependence of business activities of each entity, we succeed in resolving problematic issues
  • We categorize the type of business activities of each unique entity and achieve the best solution for the problematic issues
  • Each auditor manages a specially trained team, responsible for each entity project, so that the procedures are performed promptly, accurately and at a specific time schedule, according to the needs of our clients.

At CPA, we emphasize on the companies needs and their environment, always complying with the rules of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and the Greek Legislation.

Our Audit Services include Mandatory, Optional, Financial or Special Audits, as reported by the E.L.T.E. and the S.O.E.L.

 Audit and Assurance Services include: 

  • Audit/Review of Annual and Interim Financial Statements (individual & consolidated), certifying the completeness and accuracy of financial information, in accordance with IFRS or Greek GAAP.
  • Overview of Financial Statements for Tax Compliance Purposes (Tax Certificate)
  • Review of Financial Information Packages for consolidation purposes
  • Reporting Standards
  • Compliance and monitoring of procedures for listing of companies on the stock exchange
  • Agreed Procedures
  • Management Audits
  • Audits according to law 4399/2016
  • Audits for European Programs
  • Special Purpose Audits

Our audits are carried out using special audit and sampling programs, updated by the latest versions of the International Audit Standards. They are also a very reliable source of data processing.

During the audit process we adopt all ethical rules, with the ultimate scope of ensuring the high quality of our work.

The main purpose of our audit is to ensure a reasonable and reliable presentation of your Financial Statements and Tax Base, contributing to your most efficient and the development of your entity.

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