CPA – Auditors & Consultants and Rapidz announce strategic MOU to drive blockchain technology in the Greek business ecosystem

CPA Auditors & Consultants, a leading financial services firm in Greece, and Rapidz, a prominent Web3 payment solution provider based in Singapore, have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to bring cutting-edge blockchain technology to the Greek market.

The collaboration between CPA Auditors & Consultants and Rapidz is a landmark initiative aimed at creating awareness about the numerous benefits that blockchain technology can offer to the Greek business ecosystem. Among these advantages are the exploration of possibilities related to e-wallets and e-payment solutions, among other innovative applications.

Rapidz brings extensive experience of real-world expertise to the partnership. With a track record of successful blockchain integration and real-life use cases, they will play a pivotal role in supporting CPA Auditors & Consultants in the initiatives of integrating blockchain technology in the Greek market.

The MOU underscores the shared interests of both organizations and lays the foundation for a collaboration involving the exchange of resources, knowledge, and expertise. This strategic partnership is expected to yield significant benefits for the Greek business landscape, fostering a new era of financial innovation.

According to Dimitris Dimitriou, Founder & Managing Director at CPA, “In a rapidly evolving market, embracing blockchain is crucial for Greek businesses. Our collaboration with Rapidz Pay is a game-changer, and we’re excited and confident that together, we’ll introduce this transformative technology to Greece. Their unique blend of creativity and efficiency is precisely what’s needed to navigate this emerging landscape”.

Xavier Yew, Rapidz Co-Founder and CEO said: “It is great to team up with CPA Auditors and Consultants while we are exploring opportunities on taping into the European markets. We are always keen to bring our new technology to new regions, thus teaming up with CPA, will offer us a fantastic opportunity to introduce innovations within the blockchain space by being an advisor to this leading financial firm in Greece whilst making sure that all regulations and legislations will be followed to the last detail”.

Commenting on the potential Partnership, Panos Pavlakis, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Rapidz added: “In this upcoming fully digitalized landscape that is formed all over the EU region, it is very exciting for us to combine our fintech expertise together with a like-minded partner such a CPA!”

The MOU between CPA Auditors & Consultants and Rapidz marks a significant step towards modernizing the Greek market and promoting new opportunities for financial innovation.

About the Organizations

CPΑ – Auditors & Consultants (website), was established in 2020 in Athens, Greece, and boasts executives with extensive experience in business financial management. They offer specialized services tailored to the unique needs of each business, with a commitment to sustainable growth through solid partnerships.

RAPIDZ (website) is a leading Web3 payment solution provider based in Singapore that facilitates seamless and secure transactions between fiat and digital assets. With a strong focus on modernizing the way they transact and exchange value, Rapidz aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging world of digital assets.