Corporate Finance & Consulting

Corporate Finance & Consulting

There are many challenges that companies face in recent years, and significant changes that affect the business and the financial environment, resulting in constant pressure on business efficiency, as well as the search for new opportunities. Through the above conditions, the need for corporate financing is created, where it is increased, complex and more demanding and has as a condition the appropriate preparation by the company, to achieve the best possible result. These special circumstances arise the necessity for capitals, that means bank finance support, a process usually complicated and demanding. The prerequisite for a proper and advantageous financing support, is the proper company preparation, in order to achieve a support tool and secure the future. CPA’s expert team, with full knowledge of the current situation, can assist in the provision of appropriate services, in order to ensure that companies choose the most ideal strategy to ensure profitability. Moreover, we can offer personalized business consulting services according to the structure and needs of each business

Our services: 

  • Preparation of Business Plans and Business Strategy Definition
  • Feasibility reports
  • Recording and design corporate systems, processes, and policies
  • Support for Family Businesses
  • CRO (Restructuring)
  • Businesses Evaluation
  • Financial Reporting (MIS)
  • Budgeting & Cash flow
  • Budgeting VS Actual Results
  • Financial Compliance and Reporting
  • Preparation of Financial statements according IFRS, Greek GAAP

We provide comprehensive financial security services to companies, by conducting management audits, in case of management responsibilities of the company, protecting the management and the owners from any future tax audits. Daily we provide specialized accounting, payroll, and financial reporting services. Based on the reliability of the preparation of the financial statements, we thoroughly investigate the financial position, cash flows and profitability, so as to support the ongoing concern and the viability of the company.

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