Internal Audit & Risk Management

Internal Audit & Risk Management

Businesses, both domestically and globally, are exposed daily to multiple kinds of risks. The successful course of business is significantly influenced by the prevention and treatment of these risks. CPA’s team is composed of executives and partners with many years of experience in risk identification and management, so it is also able to provide specialized services in every possible case. That’s the reason we are being trusted by our clients for their own business. Because we are the best solution for each entity to be prepared for the management of financial, operational, and technological risks. Therefore, it’s very important for each company, to choose the appropriate partner for an internal audit. We are able to protect your interests, make corrections and avoid problems before they are created, so that you can manage them and make the right decisions to resolve them.

Our executives and partners have the appropriate certifications (CIA) and relevant experience to carry out such projects by applying appropriate approaches COSO – ERM (Enterprise Risk Management Framework).

Our services 

  • Diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of inherent risks
  • Evaluation of the entity’s existing structure & organization of a corporate governance framework
  • Organization of an internal control system & annual evaluation
  • Preparation of the company for the implementation of the Corporate Governance Code
  • Recording and implementation of policies, procedures and manuals

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