CPA Certified Public Auditors, was founded in 2020, based in Athens.

The primary purpose of the company is to provide an upgraded level of services, adapted to the unique requirements of the projects undertaken and always in accordance with the Legislative Framework, the Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants, Corporate Governance, Accounting and Auditing and tax legislation.

Our company consists of specialized executives with over 20 years of experience in providing auditing, accounting and tax advice, both in large groups of companies (listed or not) and also in small and medium enterprises. They have a deep and proven knowledge of the international and domestic economic environment.

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Help yourself today…

The increased demands and peculiarities of all forms, that have risen during the recent years in the wider business sector, have led us to create innovative actions and applications, in order to achieve immediate evidence and targeting, meet the needs of our customers and solve their problems.

With specialized departments and smart solutions packages, we give holistic management and multilevel services, so as to secure the smooth operation of companies. Additionally, we provide for their efficiency, their constant expansion and development, both in domestic and international market. To win your future, you need the right partners and the right decisions!

…Win your future tomorrow

Our challenge and concern is to ensure the viability of your business, its interests and its continuous development. Businesses that want to meet future challenges, have the need for constant reorganization of their goals, effective solution of their problems and an absolute, high level support in their daily or emergency requirements.

Because, the only choice you have in a world that is changing drastically and constantly, can only be:

Help yourself Today. Win your Future Tomorrow!

CPA's specialized executives work to achieve all of your expectations,
always guided by the following values.



Our independence is not affected by any existing or potential conflict of interest.



It is our duty to maintain confidentiality.


Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork and cooperation are pillars of our success.


Accuracy & Efficiency

Accuracy and efficiency characterize us in the market and make us stand out.


Honesty & Transparency

Honesty and transparency are fundamental values in our operation.


Understanding & Response

We respond immediately, understand and fulfill our customer’s needs.


High quality Services

With great responsibility, we provide high quality services and integrated solutions.

“Welcome to CPA, a company that was founded after a long, personal career in the auditing, consulting & accounting industry and aims at providing multilevel support and development for all kinds of companies. Our staff team has the most experienced and successful professionals in the market, who are constantly evolving and being trained on their field.

Your business development is now our case. A case, that we will win together!”

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